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While running my own blog, I learned a lot. I learned it’s not as easy as it looks. Blogging is a lot of hard work, consistency, and dedication. You have to write for your readers, but you also have to be passionate about what you write, which is why I chose beauty. My followers and friends on this blog are what keep me motivated to create informational and fun posts.

This is a farewell post, but I will continue this blog. I genuinely enjoy posting things with others in order to give them tips and help teach them how you can still remain beautiful while not spending a fortune. This blog was to show you how you don’t have to spend a lot of money on beauty products, but I plan to change some things that I blog about. For example I will do more reviews on products and make this blog more about makeup rather than DIY.

My most successful posts are:

High-end and Low-end Nighttime Beauty Products for Beautiful Skin!

Evening skincare is so important for beautiful clear skin. It’s important because your skincare penetrates your skin through out your entire sleep and helps with your appearance for the next morning. Good skincare=good makeup application.

I went to Ulta and Sephora to compare great high end and low end products for a nighttime routine. The most important factors are a good face wash, a toner, face lotion, and an eye cream.

Face wash is important for cleaning off all of the makeup you have on from the daytime and cleaning off any excess dirt and oil.

There are so many cons to sleeping with makeup on.   Your skin needs to breath at night in order to look healthy. Sleeping with makeup on can cause aging due to the makeup settling in fine lines, can cause breakouts, and if you sleep with eye makeup on you can ultimately develop a sty which results in not being able to wear makeup for a minimum of a week (not a fun time!)

Next after a cleanser, a good toner acts as an additional cleanser. It gets off all of the makeup you missed when you washed your face. It also preps your skin for the moisturizing process.

A moisturizer is extremely important for nighttime. Without adding a moisturizer to your skin at night, you can wake up with a feeling of dry, stiff skin. Moisturizers also add vital nutrients back in to your skin. There are all sorts of moisturizers you can choose from and there are also moisturizers specifically for nighttime. There is moisturizers for dry skin, wrinkles, acne prone skin, or a lightweight moisturizer for those who have skin on the oily side.

Eye creams are important for keeping young and firm looking skin around the eyes. The skin area around eyes is extremely sensitive. Using a regular face moisturizer on your eyes can be irritating to eyes. Beginning a nightly eye cream routine at night will help prevent premature aging around eyes.

You can create a great and effective nighttime routine with high end and low end products, it’s all your preference! I went to Ulta and Sephora to compare great high end and low end products for a nighttime routine.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

“Olay has been known for years how great their skincare is. It’s a very reliable brand, so I recommend their face wash for drugstore brand. This cleanser is directed for aging but its great in completely removing all traces of makeup. It’s a liquid cleanser and it’s very light weight,” says Rachel Kiley, a makeup consultant at Ulta.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

“A good option for a face wash is Lancôme’s Crème Mousse Comfort. It’s a creamy foaming cleanser for dry skin. It’s a great consistency and gets off all of your makeup and it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. It adds more moisture to your skin,” says Alice McGlynn, a makeup consultant at Sephora.

vitamin e body shop toner

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

“A great and affordable choice for a toner is The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. It’s an alcohol-free toning lotion, so it won’t dry out your skin. It contains Vitamin E components, which are crucial in healthy, glowing skin. The best part about this toner is it’s suitable for all skin types, so I highly recommend this toner,” says Kiley.

lancome toner

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

“Lancome’s Tonique Douceur toner is extremely hydrating.  It also clears out all dirt and oil in your pores and will completely remove all of the makeup you missed when you were washing your face. This toner is alcohol-free so it won’t dry out your skin either,” says Mcglynn.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

“A great moisturizer is Clinique’s Repairwear Uplifting firming cream. It’s very moisturizing, which is important in a nighttime moisturizer. The great thing about this moisturizer is that you can use it as a daytime moisturizer too. Using a wrinkle cream at night is great because the moisturizer will soak in to your skin and will prevent wrinkles from occurring,” says Mcglynn.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

“A good choice for a nighttime moisturizer for people with skin on the oily side is Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost water gel. This is a lightweight, oil-free face moisturizer with the consistency of a gel. It has a cooling effect on the skin, which most people love. A lot of people use this after their moisturizer to seal it in, but you can use it on your skin alone. It quenches your skin after your face wash and provides a smooth and supple skin,” says Kiley.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

“For an eye cream, you want something that will prevent wrinkles. I suggest Fresh’s Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate. The black tea ingredient in the cream will stimulate the area around the eyes because of the caffeine in it,” says Mcglynn.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

“Burt’s Bees sensitive eye cream is dermatologist recommended for years and is all-natural. It helps combat puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines that all show up around the eye area.  It moisturizes without causing irritation and it’s fragrance free and hypoallergenic,” says Kiley.

“Bee Beauty”: Anna Bankester, Freelance Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle blogger

"Bee Beauty" beauty, lifestyle, and fashion blog owner Anna Bankester

“Bee Beauty” lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blog owner Anna Bankester!

Over this past week, I got the opportunity to speak with fellow beauty blogger, Anna Bankester. Anna is 29 years old and lives in Alexandria, Louisiana.  She created her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog, Bee Beauty last summer.

Anna has had a passion for makeup for as long as she can recall, she loves everything from application techniques to the science behind the products and the products themselves.  She followed beauty bloggers and vloggers for a few years and her girlfriends would always ask why she doesn’t create her own.  So, Anna came up with the courage to start her own blog!  Her posts vary from makeup, reviews on products, fashion, interior design, weddings, lifestyle, a look book, and her thoughts and ramblings.

“I wanted to share all the things I’ve learned and have an outlet for my makeup obsession,” says Anna.

But with having a successful blog, comes challenges.  Anna says that her challenge with her blog is being consistent.  Sticking to a schedule can become difficult and also finding the time to keep up with the bloggers she follows and remaining an active reader and commenter can be tough.

Even though the consistency of blogging can be difficult sometimes, it plays a huge role in the future of journalism.  Anna says that she’s definitely seen a movement where the blog has become a more trusted source for information because it’s written by individuals and not from a mass media outlet where advertising agendas are more prevalent.

Anna tends to turn to bloggers and vloggers more so then major publications because they’re more up to date on beauty trends and new products.  Bloggers get can get their hands on stuff the second it comes out whether it be press samples or purchasing it on the release day.

Being a blogger has it’s perks.  For Anna she gets most excited about getting the opportunity to meet bloggers from all over the world, which is amazing.  Anna says, “We all have a bond with makeup and I’ve found the community to be nothing but supportive and kind.” Secondly, getting to try new products and being able to discuss them with like minded individuals is exciting for Anna.

Anna’s advice for someone just starting a career in blogging and how maintain a beat blog is to:

“Be patient, it doesn’t happen over night and it takes a heck of a lot of networking to build an audience. Just keep making quality content, promote and the readers come.”

DIY Hair Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair!

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Why spend money on an expensive hair mask when you can make your own that’s just as effective, if not better?! Eggs, yogurt, and olive oil have unbelievable effects on the hair follicles! This hair mask will help repair your hair back to its healthy state while creating shine and volume to your hair.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Eggs are rich in minerals and protein and protein is food for your hair!  Protein is what helps create volume to hair and strengthens hair.  The fatty protein helps reduce frizz and improves the hair’s overall health.   Vitamin A in the egg will prevent drying of the scalp, while improving hair growth.  Vitamin D in eggs will improve the texture and and luster of hair.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Because of the creaminess in yogurt, it will add moisture to hair!  The natural fats in yogurt will help condition the hair and make it less prone to breakage.  Also, similar to the egg, yogurt has a ton of protein which adds even more strength to the follicles. Yogurt has a cleansing component in it, which will rid hair of dirty strands.  The calcium in yogurt gives hair volume and density.  The components in b-vitamins are great for hair.  Biotin in yogurt restores hair damage and promotes hair growth.  Vitamin b-12 produces red blood cells, so the vitamin will help strands from falling out.  The benefits of yogurt for hair are amazing!

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Olive oil is great in preventing dandruff, which is caused by a dry scalp.  The olive oil in this hair mask will infuse moisture back into the skin.  Split ends and dry hair is prominent during this time of the year, so hair is prone to this!  Olive oil will help mend split ends back together.  Putting oil back into hair will restore shine as well.  The olive oil in this mask will enhance hairs softness and manageability while creating a silkier and thicker feel.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

To make the mask you first must crack your egg into a bowl and whisk it! Then add two and a half table spoons of the yogurt in and mix the two together.

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Then add one tablespoon of olive oil in and mix together well. Your hair mask is now complete and ready to be applied!

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

After you complete the mask, your ready to apply it to your hair.  The hair must be fully saturated from root to tip!  Once applied, twist your hair up in a bun and let the nutrients soak in your hair for about 15-20 minutes.  After the times up, wash hair thoroughly with your favorite shampoo and conditioner and style it as you prefer!  My favorite line of hair care products is CHI, especially CHI silk infusion!

The after math of my hair from this hair mask made it full, shiny and healthy!  I hope you enjoy this mask as much as I do!

To keep hair healthy, you must also have a healthy diet and limit the heat that’s put on hair…

Here’s some foods that are great to incorporate in your diet for healthy hair!

For cute hairstyles without using heat, check out these hair tutorials:





Dull, Acne Prone Skin? If so, this DIY Face Mask is for You!

Photo by Hira Khan

Photo by Hira Khan

If your stressing out from midterms, like me or you have acne prone skin then this all-natural DIY face mask will save you.

The key ingredients for this mask are nutmeg, milk, and honey.

Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties, which will help reduce the sight of pimples and the stimulating properties will wake up dead skin cells. Nutmeg is known to have curative properties that heal scars caused by everything from acne to sun spots. Nutmeg is also known for its antibacterial elements that decrease the likelihood of infections, clogged pores, and oil control.

Milk can cleanse, moisturise and exfoliate your skin because of the lactic acid in it.  Not only does it remove dirt from the skin, but it also moisturizes because of the fat content in the milk.  The enzymes in milk help in shedding dead skin cells and tighten your skin.

Honey works as an anti-inflammatory and will soothe and clarify your skin to help create a natural glow.  It’s naturally an antibacterial, so it’s great for acne treatment and prevention and is full of antioxidants, which is great for slowing down aging.

All of the benefits of these ingredients help to create the perfect face mask for acne prone skin.

All you need is one tablespoon of nutmeg, four table spoons of honey, and one teaspoon of honey.  Mix it all together and you have your face mask!

Check out more DIY face masks for acne prone skin here!

An Interview with Lancome Sales Representative, Doreen Bongiovanni!

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Photo by Ali DiRenzo

Being surrounded by makeup everyday is barely considered a job for Doreen Bongiovani, a sales representative for Lancome cosmetics. For over 20 years she has been in business with Lancome cosmetics and skin care.

In an interview with Doreen, she discusses her knowledge of their cosmetics, what their best sellers are, and what are some less pricey dupes for their products!


Q: How did you get into selling for lancome cosmetics?

A: “I started working for the Lancome counter when I was a teenager and I’ve moved up positions from sales associate to counter manager and now to sales representative. I’ve always loved Lancome and my mother used all of their products, so I applied to work at their counter! The rest was history.”


Q: Why are Lancome cosmetics such great quality?

A: “A little bit goes a long way with these products. For example, our face creams you only need a pea sized amount because it’s so rich in texture. Same with our foundations, a small amount goes a long way. All of them have great coverage and consistency. We have something for everyone too; all skin types and ages, so there’s a diverse amount of products.”


Q: What are some of Lancome’s best product?

A: “Our best/most selling products are our definicls mascara, our eye makeup remover, and our juicy tube lip glosses.”


Q: What are some of your favorite cosmetic products?

A: “My favorite is probably our 24 hour foundation. It’s great because I’m working all day and the foundation really lasts all day and it doesn’t feel heavy on my face. My favorite is also our hypnose drama mascara because it makes my lashes look thick and long.”


Q: Can you find dupes for them in the drug store?

A: “For our Definincils, it is somewhat similar to Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara. We also have our Hypnose Drama mascara which is very similar to Maybelline’s Drama Falsies mascara. Our eye makeup remover is very comparable to Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.”


Q: What’s your favorite skin care product?

A: My favorite is probably our Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 face cream. It’s great for dry skin, which I have especially in the winter. It’s 24 hours of moisture, it helps prevent sun damage to the skin, and it’s rich in vitamins which makes your skin look radiant.”


Q: Is there a dupe for this face cream?

A: “Olay’s Total Effects Anti-Aging face cream is very similar to the Bienfait.  Olay’s face lotion contains SPF 30, it helps reduce signs of aging, and it contains antioxidants and vitamin B which helps you’re skin look healthy and radiant.”


Q: Are there any products in Lancome’s line that you think are worth the splurge for people who are on a budget?

A: “I think any of our skin care products are worth the splurge. Skin care is the foundation for a good makeup application. Without great skin, your makeup won’t look great. So definitely anything from our skincare line, which is also one of the best lines in the cosmetics market right now.”


Getting your hands on Lancome products is really easy if you wish to splurge! You can buy them online or in the store at your nearby Lancome, Macy’s, and Boscov’s.  You can also find more Lancome products and the dupe products she mentioned at your local Sephora and Ulta stores or online!  You can also find the dupes at any drugstore!

Don’t Let this Brutal Winter Affect Your Skin!

Photo by Grace Lynne Fleming

Photo by Grace Lynne Fleming

The Winter season is brutal on our skin.  The cold air leaves our skin feeling dry and cracked.  There is no better way to treat our skin than a DIY  all natural body scrub to get off all of the dead, flaky skin and a body butter to hydrate your skin back to it’s supple, glowing self!

With just some simple items you can find in your kitchen, this body scrub will cost you practically nothing!

The three ingredients you will need are coffee grinds, coconut oil, and raw sugar.

Coffee grinds are great for a body scrub because not only does coffee smell delicious, but the grinds help to exfoliate and awaken your skin because of the caffeine in it.  Also, the caffeine in coffee grinds is said to help reduce the appearance of cellulite! Coconut oil deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin, which is another great component for a body scrub.  The raw sugar also helps to polish the skin and smells fabulous.

Making this all-natural body scrub is so easy and quick, anyone can do it!

All you need is 1 cup of coffee grinds, 1 cup of raw sugar, and 1/2 cup of coconut oil.  Then, all you do is mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and you have your body scrub!

After you exfoliate your skin with this homemade body scrub, apply your favorite body lotion to quench your skin’s thirst!

Check out more cool, all-natural, and wallet-friendly body scrubs DIYs here!

A Beauty Guru’s Must Have

Photo by Lisa Elaine

Photo by Lisa Elaine

Coconut oil has been a phenomenon for quite some time now–in and out of the kitchen. It has been widely used and promoted by celebrities and makeup companies such as Kiehl’s and Clinique (two brands that are very big on natural ingredients!). This all natural, nutrient rich, and wallet-friendly product serves multiple beauty benefits for our hair, nails, face, and body as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins E, K, and iron.

Let’s start with our hair…

When heated up, coconut oil can be used as a moisturizing hair mask to keep your strands looking shiny and healthy! It can also be used as a hair serum to tame frizz.

For the nails…

Coconut oil can be used as a cuticle oil to strengthen your nails. Coconut oil also contains antifungal properties so it’s even great to use on your toes as well.

Our face…

There’s no need to spend money on an eye makeup remover if you have coconut oil. Coconut oil serves as being an all natural makeup remover and being that it’s organic, it’s not harsh on the eyes. Coconut oil can also be used as a nightly face moisturizer and a lip balm. Not only will it deeply hydrate your skin, but it will also help with reducing the appearance of wrinkles!

Onto our body…

Don’t spend money on shaving cream when you can use coconut oil for that too! Coconut oil is soothing and hydrating on the skin, so you are less likely to get razor burn while shaving if you use coconut oil. In addition to coconut oil being a face moisturizer, it is a body moisturizer as well.

The benefits of this miracle product called coconut oil are unlimited and these are just a few benefits for its use in beauty! Coconut oil is a Holy Grail product that everyone MUST use in their beauty routine and health routine as well! Also, coconut oil is very easy to get your hands on.  You can purchase it at any local grocery store near you!

Read more here about coconut oil and its health benefits.

NEW at the Drugstore

Photo by Amelia Liana

Photo by Amelia Liana

YouTube is the go to place to find out information on products especially new products that you may be curious about or maybe have never even heard of. There are so many helpful YouTube bloggers out there who post reviews on products, dupes for products, hauls, makeup tutorials, etc. Some of my favorite YouTubers have posted a few recent videos on new makeup at the drugstore from all brands but mainly Maybelline’s newest makeup products, which have been an extreme success especially their new contour kit for the worldwide trend of contouring and highlighting. With Maybelline’s newest products such as their Brow Drama Crayon in their Eyestudio line to their highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes, they have made it possible to keep up on the latest makeup trends.

Here are a few of my favorite bloggers’ posts about the latest makeup products in the drugstore:

Leslie Alvarado

Sam Ozkural


Alexandrea Garza

Freddy My Love



So you’re interested in all things beauty?! You are in the right place!

Keeping up with a beauty regimen is not as easy and as afforadable as it looks, but I am here to help you achieve your beauty goals while not breaking the bank!

If you are as much of a beauty guru as I am, you know that nothing is cheap.  Being that some beauty products are not in my price range, I have done some research on beauty regimens and came up with a few tips and tricks, which I plan on sharing with you!

As a student of Rowan University, it can be hard financially sometimes in trying to figure out how to fund your money.  Whether it be books or food our money goes to, we all still want a little bit of spending money to put in to ourselves.

Since being on a budget, I had to be resourceful with what I buy. I am a huge lover of all things beauty and fashion, so I needed to figure out a way to keep up a routine and I did just that, while also being creating products that are all natural.

In the next few weeks, you can expect to learn beauty tips and tricks that will keep you from breaking the bank.  Following this blog will make you wonder why you ever spent so much money on just simple ways to remain beautiful.  This blog will give you a DIY guide for all natural face/hair masks, it will give you a look into similar products with a smaller price range, and much much more you will have to just keep reading!